Canadian Madeira Club –  2020 EVENTS

Event Schedule

EVENT TITLE ENGLISH TITLE Scheduled Start Date Type Description Duration
Festa da Páscoa CANCELED April 11, 2020   CANCELED    CANCELED    CANCELED 
Semana Cultural Madeirense CANCELED April 24, 2020   CANCELED    CANCELED    CANCELED 
Semana Cultural – Noite de Encerramento CANCELED May 2, 2020   CANCELED    CANCELED    CANCELED 
Aniversário do Club Club Anniversary May 30, 2020 Salão / Hall Annual  Dinner Dance
Festa dos Santos Populates Popular Saints Feast June 27, 2020 Park / Feast Annual Weekend / 2 Day
Dia da Região Autónoma da Madeira Canada/Madeira Day July 1, 2020 Salão / Hall Holiday 1 Day Event
Piquenique Madeirense Madeiran Picnic July 4, 2020 Park / Feast Annual Weekend / 2 Day
Festa do Imigrante Immigrant’s Feast July 25, 2020 Park / Feast Annual Weekend / 2 Day
Nossa Senhora do Monte Our Patroness Saint Feast August 15, 2020 Park / Feast Annual Weekend / 2 Day
Bom Jesus de Ponta Delgada Good Jesus of Ponta Delgada September 5, 2020 Park / Feast Annual Weekend / 2 Day
Festival de Outono das Crianças Children’s Fall Festival September 19, 2020 Park Festival Annual 1 Day Event
Festa da Vindima Grape Harvest Party September 19, 2020 Park Festival Annual Eveing Event
Festa do Chapéu Hat Party October 10, 2020 Salão / Hall Annual  Dinner Dance
Festa de Halloween Halloween Party October 24, 2020 Salão / Hall Annual Visit / Show
Festa de São Martinho Patron Saint Martin Party November 7, 2020 Salão / Hall Annual  Dinner Dance
Matança do Porco Traditional Family Gathering November 28, 2020 Salão / Hall Annual  Dinner Dance
Natal das Crianças Children’s Christmas Night December 5, 2020 Salão / Hall Annual Visit / Show
Noite do Mercado Christmas Market Night December 19, 2020 Salão / Hall Annual Holiday Festival
Passagem do Ano New Years Party December 31, 2020 Salão / Hall Annual  Dinner Dance

Events listed above “Park” are held at our community park in Georgina.

Casa da Madeira Community Centre

The members of the Canadian Madeira Club are pleased to welcome you to our web site and invite you to explore our features and links. We hope that you will find this site of interest. There are lots of varied and exciting offerings from an organization which has been a proud part of this community since 1963.

We offer our members, guests and the community a wide range of activities and programs, covering everyone’s interests. Whether you are a senior, a youth or anywhere in between, we offer everything from weekend parties and festivals with a wide variety of Portuguese food, music and activities, to just plain relaxation and good fellowship in a warm and friendly environment.

In addition to year round and seasonal events we are currently undergoing major changes to better serve our members, guests and the community.

Please browse through the history of our organization, where we offer more information regarding our many activities including our annual feast of “Nossa Senhora do Monte” (Our Lady of The Mount).

Feel free to contact us for more information. You are most welcome to participate with us at any of our functions and events. We are certain that you will enjoy our club’s atmosphere of fun, friendship and entertainment and we look forward to your company.

Thank you to our wonderful


Below is a list of our clubs’s partners and sponsors who have made financial donations or offered services to the Canadian Madeira Club. Their support has been integral part of our success. We encourage you to visit their websites and to please support them as you support us. You can find their link or information below by clicking on their logo.

Liuna Local 183

Labourers' International Union of North America, Local 183 ("Local 183") is the largest construction local union in North America, representing more than 40,000 construction workers and their families in the Greater Toronto Area.

Nosso Talho

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Churrasqueira Martins

With a family atmosphere, Churrasqueira Martins offers a wide variety of meat, fish and seafood dishes all influenced by the traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Macedo Wine Grape Juice

Macedo Wine Grape Juice Ltd. was established originally by the Macedo Brothers in 1977, in the heart of the city of Toronto.

Senso Building Supplies Toronto

Senso Building Supplies, Toronto's leader in building material, lumber supplies, drywall supplies, and as well as other construction materials.

Belo Fashions


New Canadian Lumber

Downtown Toronto's most complete Lumber Yard & Home Building Centre

Bento's Auto & Tire Centre

Need to buy tires or repair a flat tire? Bento's Auto & Tire Centre Ltd tire store in Toronto. ON offers tires for sale, tire repair, and related auto services. 24 Hours a day were are open!

Santos Drywall

Santos Drywall Inc is a Family owned and operated company. We've been operating since 1989 providing quality construction service to the Greater Toronto Area.

Stretch Thrift Outlet - Keswick

Edward Severiano - Remax

Marinho Sports Bar

Eduarda Pita - Mortgage Alliance

Jones DesLauriers Insurance Management

DC Da Corte Construction

Jack Aluminum Railings

Bayview Windows & Doors Inc.

Metal Works Inc. Arch Metals - Cladding - Flashings

Zelia Gouveia - TD Canada Trust Mortgages

Décio Gonçalves - HomeLife Sales Representative

Farol Churrasqueira - Mississauga

CAPCON Construction - John Capela

Tatiana Cabral - Mortgage Associates Ontario

Costa Verde BBQ Chicken Inc


FPTV (which stands for Festival Portuguese Television) is a Canadian Category B Portuguese language specialty channel.

Alliance of Portuguese Clubs & Associations of Ontario

Alliance of Portuguese Clubs & Associations of Ontario


CIRVFM 88.9 Toronto's Multicultural Super Mix Metropolitan Toronto is one of the fastest growing multicultural communities in the world.

david ganhao art + design

david ganhao art + design

Nuno Abreu Photography

Nuno Abreu Photography Located in Funchal Madeira

Scotiabank - Home Financing